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Test your knowledge of Aldeburgh.  Do you know where the pictures on our poster were taken and some of the stories behind them?

1. When was the Aldeburgh lifeboat station built?

2. What is the name of the Aldeburgh lifeboat?

3. Off Aldeburgh … but what's that on the beech?

4. Several major international telephone cables come ashore
    at Aldeburgh, but where is this?

5. A great view, but from where exactly?

6. What's happening at the end of this rainbow?

7. Who used to climb to the top of these steps?

8. Where is this fisherman mending his net?

9. Lovely view, what's the building right at the end?

10. Built for strength, but why?

11. What's the story behind this dog?

12. Who made this sculpture and where exactly is it?

13. Where is this sundial to be found?

14. She looks lovely, but where can you find her?

15. From where in Aldeburgh is it 94 miles to London?

16. What is this used for?

17. Where is this boat moored?

18. Where did these words come from?

19. Where is this boat to be found?

20. Where can you find these two metre tall pencils?

21. What's the tower in the distance?

22. Can you cast any light on where this is?

Stumped or can’t agree?  Request a copy of the answers.

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Aldeburgh Quiz